Brent Charles

The Artist

A Symphony of International Talent and Versatility

From the sprawling urbanity of Long Island and the pulsating beats of Trinidad, rises an extraordinary artist – Brent Charles. His music reverberates through grand halls, intimate ceremonies, and vibrant festivals, casting a musical spell that transcends borders. 

A Multi-Lingual Maestro

Hailing from a prolific musical lineage that's spread across continents, Brent Charles doesn't just perform; he embodies music. His astounding vocal dexterity, spanning over four octaves, touches the deep, warm tones reminiscent of Barry White, and soars to the exhilarating whistle registers of Phillip Bailey. This multilingual maestro serenades his audience in six languages, seamlessly weaving between the classics of Sinatra, Pavarotti, EFW, and Prince to the modern-day rhythms of Bruno Mars and Ne-Yo.

A Local Gem with a Global Sparkle

Though Brent’s talent has taken him to international stages, he remains deeply rooted in his local community. Palm Beach's illustrious venues, like the Flagler Museum, and Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center, have been privy to his captivating performances, often setting the stage for iconic acts like Earth, Wind & Fire, Taylor Dayne, Thelma Houston, and Paul Anka. Yet, Brent's musical charm is equally potent in intimate settings – be it charity galas, engagement soirées, or even the adrenaline-fueled ambiance of sporting events.

An Artist Beyond Music

Brent's artistry isn’t confined to his vocal prowess alone. Although his collaborations at the renowned Hit Factory/Criteria Records with the Grammy-winning maestro, Ron Taylor, do showcase his versatility, Brent’s artistic inclinations are manifold. An accomplished visual artist, his abstract and surrealistic masterpieces, crafted in vibrant acrylics, oils, and watercolors, depict his keen appreciation for varied art forms. However, amid his multifaceted talents, including being a professional S.A.G. Eligible actor and stints in modeling, music remains his undying passion.

Roots, Influences, and the Power of Legacy

The foundation of Brent’s mesmerizing talent is fortified by the musical tutelage he received from his family. The soothing, yet powerful, Classical cadences of his mother, Cynthia Young Sheppard, the exposure to Jazz from his father Charlie Sheppard’s musical collection, the groundbreaking sounds from his uncle, Arthur Young of the Lafayette Afro Rock Band and ICE, additional exposure to the Jazz greats from his Aunts Cheryl Young and Claudette Adjoa Young Hinds, and the precious lessons from his grandmothers, Odell Sheppard and Dr. Cynthia Young, have all shaped his eclectic style. From Jazz and Classical to Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Caribbean, and World Music, Brent's repertoire is an authentic testament to his lineage and diverse influences.

Brent’s commitment to share the revered Bel Canto method, imbibed from his grandmother Cynthia and honed further under Gina Maretta, reflects in his voice's sublime quality. It's a treasure he joyously imparts to his students, as well as his special needs music classes, ensuring that the next generation inherits the age-old techniques of voice preservation.

A Mission Beyond Entertainment

For Brent Charles, music isn't just about captivating melodies; it's about a mission. 

* A mission to "Entertain, Engage, Educate, and Inspire." His performances aren’t just auditory delights; they're experiences – each song a heartfelt narrative, each note an echo of his multi-cultural legacy. As he continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide, Brent remains a living testament to what happens despite challenges when immense talent meets unyielding passion.

For those seeking a transformative musical experience, Brent Charles is not just an option; he's the unique, excellent choice. Join him through his recordings and his upcoming performances and let music touch your soul like never before.